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How to Select a Lawyer in Phoenix

The person you select to represent you in a serious criminal or personal injury/wrongful death case is of similar importance to your choice of the doctor who will perform the surgery which dictates life or death. Your choice can improve or diminish your chance of the outcome you hope for.

The selection process involves two general considerations. First, does the lawyer have the overall and specialized experience necessary to successfully and comprehensively handle your case. Like any job, it takes many years to become highly skilled. Because of the complexity of the laws and rules, and the skills necessary to excel at preparing for and handling a trial, some of the many attributes that demonstrate experience and skill are: 1)Arizona State Bar certification in either criminal or personal injury/wrongful death law. This certification is obtained only by demonstrating a participation in a certain number of cases, trials, pretrial motions and appeals in the area of specialty; 2) Inclusion in legitimate legal organizations that 'limit' its membership to the best lawyers in a certain specialty (examples- Superlawyers Of The Southwest, Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers, Arizona' Finest Lawyers); 3) Referrals from other lawyers and judges who are in a position to know or hear of the reputation of a lawyer.

Second, after meeting or talking to a lawyer, the client's impression of whether the lawyer seems like the kind of person he/she can work with and relate to is important. This is a much more subjective criterion, but of equal importance. If you feel the lawyer is not being candid, or talks 'at you' not to you, then he/she may not be the right lawyer to retain no matter how impressive the credentials.

Another important issue is whether you can afford to retain a lawyer. If hiring a lawyer would make it difficult or impossible to pay for necessities, it is best not to add that type of stress to an already stressful situation.

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After you obtain referrals from another lawyer, or judge, do some research on the internet, or other actions designed to find the right lawyer, it is best to prepare for your initial meeting with a lawyer by making a list of the questions regarding experience, style, fees, and other subjects so that you can address the right questions during the interview process, and make the best decision.

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