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Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Charged? Under Pre-Indictment Investigation? Call an Experienced Attorney.

Most cases that work their way through the criminal justice system involve simple drug possession, drunk driving and other minor charges. Some, however, involve more complex accusations with potentially severe consequences. These are the cases where you truly need an experienced lawyer.

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Bruce Feder has more than 33 years of experience aggressively defending clients against comprehensive federal and state charges.

Fighting Complex Federal and State Criminal Charges

Unlike most private criminal defense attorneys, Bruce Feder regularly handles federal cases. Federal criminal court is governed by unique rules and procedures. The judges can be more exacting, and the prosecutors have the substantial resources of the federal government to assist them.

If you have been charged with any federal or state crime, scheduling a free initial consultation can help you determine whether Mr. Feder is the right lawyer for you. The following are some types of cases we frequently handle:

  • White collar crimes: A large part of Bruce Feder's practice is devoted to defending individuals against accusations of mortgage and other real estate fraud, health care fraud, wire and mail fraud, embezzlement and other complex federal and state financial crimes.
  • Drug distribution: Bruce Feder also has substantial experience litigating charges including the sale, manufacture, transportation and cultivation of illegal drugs.
  • Conspiracy and racketeering: Very few attorneys have the experience to defend clients accused of participating in a criminal conspiracy or racketeering organization. Conspiracy and racketeering charges are commonly used in relation to white collar and drug distribution cases, and Bruce Feder has substantial experience in these types of cases.
  • Civil and criminal forfeiture: The government may try to take your property through forfeiture, whether or not you have been charged with a crime. These types of cases are also frequently initiated in white collar and drug distribution cases.

Some defense attorneys unfairly pressure their clients into pleading guilty before adequate investigation and other preparation has occured to ascertain if the plea is the best alternative, or fail to explain the risks of going to trial when a trial is not in the clients' best interests. Our clients are encouraged to closely consult on their own cases at all times. Attorney Bruce Feder is dedicated to providing honest and comprehensive advice so clients can make informed decisions

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